“Never close your mind to possibilities”

“Never close your mind to possibilities” develop solutions and techniques that take advantage of situations, environments and possibilities

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“Use postcards” Direct mail postcards

“Use postcards” Direct mail postcards can be incredibly effective. They’re easy to track and measure. They can be unusually effective at grabbing the recipient’s attention. Again, test.

“Work WITH the Postal Service” Keep on top of changes in regulations, postal rates, etc. If you have questions, it’s best to have an established relationship with your local USPS.

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1. Know your segments This is one of the

1. Know your segments
This is one of the most basic rules of marketing. If your marketing does not break down your approaches by segments, it is not as effective as it could be. In order to develop solid plans and achieve measurable results, you need to understand—as completely as possible—every customer and prospect segment, and market to each accordingly.

2. Use fact-based research
In-depth research is an essential part of marketing. The data harvested allows you to make decisions based on real knowledge of your core markets. Extraordinary intelligence through data mining and proprietary research methods produces exceptional results. Average research produces average (at best) returns.”

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The Magic of a Multichannel Campaign —

The Magic of a Multichannel Campaign — Strengthening your campaign efforts http://ow.ly/4IekL

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Brand your business for Better Customer

Brand your business for Better Customer Relations! No seriously, it works. http://ow.ly/4zCay

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Harness the power of PR — 9 ways to max

Harness the power of PR — 9 ways to maximize your media coverage http://ow.ly/4tNcL

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