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LOOKING INWARD IN TROUBLED TIMES  (As seen in JD’s March eNews issue) The 2009 Marketing Outlook published by the The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council says today’s gloomy and turbulent economic outlook has many marketers looking inward to hone in … Continue reading

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The Consolidation of Brands on the Internet

Remember when mergers and acquisitions were the “in” thing? Ten years ago, experts said that while  brand consolidation attempts have a high failure rate, those that are a success would benefit big-time. If you spend 15 minutes or more on the web each … Continue reading

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Rebranding a company to help it gain market share.

During a recent presentation when I was sharing a story about a manufacturing company that we helped to rebrand, there was an insightful question. Why didn’t we just start over? Why did we retain some of the existing look and … Continue reading

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Direct Marketing: The Proof Is In the Results!

If you spend money on advertising and marketing, it might be wise to consider a bright spot in this bleak economic environment: Direct Marketing. Yes, direct marketing — the ad spend on direct response rose 9.2% in 2008. Here’s the … Continue reading

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If Facebook, Twitter gain on Google for referrals, will marketing dollars follow?

But companies large and small – and the marketing/advertising/PR firms that represent them – should take note. It’s no longer enough to just have a Web site and expect that potential customers will find you. The companies that participate in social media and understand how it’s changed the way people communicate, interact and share information with each other are the companies that will form long-lasting relationships with customers. AdAge writes:

It all points to the growing power of content sharing; the question is how to harness that and what it means for the future of “search” marketing. Companies spent $12.2 billion in 2008 on search optimization and marketing to get traffic from Google, according to eMarketer.
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Brand Marketing in a Recession – Website Magazine – Website Magazine

Everything in this commentary makes total sense, and I especially agree with the last paragraph re: shifting strategies. We’re preaching the same messages and making recommendations for our clients that will help them spend less without imparing their brand equity today or in the future. But many clients are still refusing to spend anything right now … totally risking customer loyalty, marketshare, sales, etc. What else can agencies do to help protect and secure their clients’ futures?
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Johnson Direct relaunches a new and wordpress blog. Continue reading

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Marketing Through This Recession

“How do you position your marketing in a recession?” Continue reading

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10 Years and Counting…

3/2/09 Happy Monday to you! Yesterday, March 1st, 2009, Johnson Direct turned 10-years-old. We could not have achieved this milestone without great clients like you. So, thank you! Back on March 1st, 1999 my dream was to build a multi/cross-channel … Continue reading

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