Direct Branding

Realize Your Goals With Direct Branding™

Johnson Direct helps clients achieve remarkable success in a variety of marketing arenas through its unique marketing discipline, Direct Branding™. This proven approach combines the art of traditional branding and the immediacy of direct marketing.


Unlike traditional image branding, Direct Branding is measured, tracked, analyzed and tested. Direct Branding incorporates long-established direct response marketing principles to help gauge success for each marketing and communications effort. As campaigns are tested and launched, Direct Branding results data show us where and when to shift media dollars.

With Direct Branding we help your organization:

• Enhance brand equity within targeted markets
• Expose your unique selling proposition(s)
• Create a sustainable brand strategy through measurable marketing tactics
• Achieve consistent and effective message integration across all mediums


Get the whole scoop.
Find out for yourself how Direct Branding assures incremental success that continuously helps feed the marketing cycle for fresh creative, innovation and improvement.

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