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Why the Big Picture Matters

Popular major studies among individuals whose planned careers include advertising (or, more broadly) marketing are communications, business or marketing. Naturally, if marketing research has its own methodology, why was precious time and tuition money spent studying anything else? After all, … Continue reading

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Marketing is Marketing … Social or Otherwise

Social marketing is hot, hot, hot!  I should be able to get my outdoor grill to heat up so fast.  Everywhere you look, everybody is talking about social marketing, and why not?  It can be a great thing to do.  … Continue reading

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News (???) of the Day

Here are some random musings about what Americans seem to want to know. These are actual headlines I’ve noticed today in the local newspaper and on various online news sites: “Paris Hilton Speaks from Jail.” Frankly, I’m always surprised when … Continue reading

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Tricking Kids Won’t Prevent Teen Pregnancy!

Right now, several people in the Milwaukee area are enthusiastically patting themselves on the back for a campaign that is supposedly designed to get kids to avoid becoming pregnant. That’s a noble goal in a city that is plagued with … Continue reading

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Warm Cookies and Cold Milk are Good for You!

Today is my kids’ last day of school before summer vacation. My daughter is in 4th grade and my son is in 2nd grade. How I yearn for the days of 9 months of work followed by 3 months of … Continue reading

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Alan Rosenspan – A Class Act

I am privileged to call one of the greats of our business, Alan Rosenspan of Alan Rosenspan and Associates, my friend.  Recently, in accepting the Caples International Andi Emerson Award, Alan made comments that should make us all stop in … Continue reading

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The “Next Big Idea”

Over the holiday weekend, in between mowing the grass, planting flowers and washing outside windows, I had the pleasure of reading an interesting book I thought I would tell you about. When you say the word “improvisation,” one may conjure … Continue reading

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