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A Brand Identity Come-back Story; and a YouTube Lesson

If you’re not a subscriber, here’s what you missed in May’s enewsletter from Johnson Direct: 1) Walk through a real-world example of how Direct Branding creates bottom-line boosting results. 2) How can you use YouTube to market your products or services? … Continue reading

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E-communication and Offer Testing

I just wrote a piece for Chief Marketer’s e-centric newsletter on testing offers in emerging media channels. Here’s the piece. As your marketing spend gets scrutinized even more in this economy, this article provides sage advice and affordable tests to … Continue reading

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Tired of Lackluster Marketing Results?

May 26th, 2009 Dear Marketing Colleague, You have to do marketing anyway, so why not focus on ‘marketing that’s measurable?” That’s a question that I still ask every single business day. When the choice comes down to what works and … Continue reading

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Marketing Results Pure and Simple

I was asked by a prospective client the other day to provide him with an advertising/marketing system that would be a sure-fire, proven way to increase his business. As you and I know, in marketing there are no absolute guarantees…but … Continue reading

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JD Launches Online Campaign for Non-profit

If you didn’t watch Milwaukee news stations on Friday, then you missed the “Rally for Abstinence” making the headlines.  TV and radio stations covered the event, hosted by Rosalie Manor Community & Family Services. Johnson Direct handled the PR as well as the concept and … Continue reading

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You, Your Marketing ROI and Direct Branding

Just the other day I received a phone call from a potential new client. “At last, I’ve finally tracked you down,” the voice on the other end of the line said. “I’ve been doing my homework on you and your … Continue reading

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Your Marketing Offer and Your Success

I came across a good article on advertising during a recession. It talks about how companies can grow during a downturn and how companies like GM, General Electric, Ford, Exxon Mobile and others were started during poor economic times. The … Continue reading

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