Brand Marketing in a Recession – Website Magazine – Website Magazine

Brand Marketing in a Recession – Website Magazine – Website Magazine

Everything in this commentary makes total sense, and I especially agree with the last paragraph re: shifting strategies. We’re preaching the same messages and making recommendations for our clients that will help them spend less without imparing their brand equity today or in the future. But some clients are still refusing to spend anything right now … totally risking customer loyalty, marketshare, sales, etc. What else can agencies do to help protect and secure their clients’ futures?

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A prominent measurable marketing strategist and nationally recognized thought leader, Grant serves as president and chief marketing officer for Johnson Direct, a measurable marketing communications and direct branding™ counseling firm that employs multi-channel marketing strategies that are testable and accountable. He is also a sought-after public speaker, marketing trainer, award-winning author, copywriter, and consultant.
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  1. Ted Grigg says:

    Some clients see advertising in any form as an expense while others see it as an investment.

    Insurance companies, for example, don’t mind spending more than they need to on commissions, but have great difficulty budgeting for proven money-making direct marketing programs they have tested and found very profitable.


    In my opinion, spending money for commissions is easier for most insurance leaders because this allows them to pay for marketing costs AFTER the sale is made.

    On the other hand, direct marketing or any revenue generating advertising requires investing the money up front for a return on the back end.

    It is clear that investment spending demands greater skill, the ability to weather some risk and a longer term perspective. Average companies do not possess these qualities. And I suspect that a large percentage of corporate leaders do not possess these qualities either.

    So the best way to deal with it is to move on to clients who possess these characteristics rather than trying to swim upstream.

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