Marketing Through This Recession

A friend asked a good question that is very pertinent in today’s economy: “How do you position your marketing in a recession?” I have some opinions, based upon real world experiences that might be helpful.

Make sure you focus on customer service and retention FIRST. To create raving fans you need to prove that you care about your customers. If you do that, when you go to them and ask for additional business, referrals and testimonials, they will be more than happy to help. I would say that far too many companies, even in this economy, assume that their customers will stick with them. Don’t assume. Actions speak volumes over words.

Do something unexpected for your best customers. Send them a card, coupon or email. Better yet, pick up the handset in the box with the buttons and call to simply say “thanks.” You’ll likely be surprised by the reaction. They will be stunned. Sell Value and Change Positioning

People are looking for deals. How you position them will have a major impact on results. You need to sell VALUE to succeed in these tough times, so do it. *With increased economic pressure comes anxiety. Understand this. Doing so means relying less on emotional creative approaches and more on logical, rational creative executions. Use more numbers, facts, data and the like to appeal to the left brain with your marketing. Watch what happens to results.

Finally, test, test and test some more. It will get you to relevancy faster than anything else. If you read this blog on a semi-regular basis you are likely sick of hearing this. But now is when you can truly gain market share, goodwill and sales. It’s no mistake that two of the companies who are doing well now test a ton: Amazon and Netflix. This should be a lesson to all who think that testing is too expensive, don’t have the time or think that their marketing is doing fine without it. My experience helping companies market through several recessions prove that these tips work. Give me a call at 1-800-710-2750 and let’s talk and see if I can help.

Grant A. Johnson

Johnson Direct LLC



About johnsondirect

A prominent measurable marketing strategist and nationally recognized thought leader, Grant serves as president and chief marketing officer for Johnson Direct, a measurable marketing communications and direct branding™ counseling firm that employs multi-channel marketing strategies that are testable and accountable. He is also a sought-after public speaker, marketing trainer, award-winning author, copywriter, and consultant.
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2 Responses to Marketing Through This Recession

  1. Jim Gilbert says:

    Perfectly stated Grant. Fortunes are lost AND MADE in recessionary times. I have clients who are “business as usual” who are doing quite well. A diverse group too. From Catalogers, to financial services (yes, financial services!), to health oriented products.

    The important thing is to never, NEVER give in to the self fulfilling prophesy that you need to cut back in a recession. There IS business out there. With less competition from people who give up, plug away and you will be successful.

    Jim Gilbert

  2. Grant:

    Excellent post! I would add another suggestion related to collaboration and channel partnerships.

    Most organizations are struggling – why not look for others who have complementary deliverables and ‘share the costs’ of marketing initiatives or strategies?

    Reason simply, networking and referral-based marketing has taken on a whole new meaning! In fact, most organizations expect heavy engagement at this time.

    Denice MacDonald

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